CineAlpi Film Festival

Shortfilms, Documentaries, Animation, Special Effects and much more


TheFilmFestival it takes place in Domodossola, in the wedge of the italian territory of upper Piedmont between the swiss cantons of Wallis and Ticino. It raises in the heart of Ossola’s valley floor surrounded by seven side valleys forming the region called Ossola, connected to important passes of the Pennine and Lepontine Alps…

Italian Cinema

Italian Cinema represents one of the most important historical and cultural expression our country. Neoclassicism and Italian Comedy represented the highest point its history, glorified by artists that are loved and celebrated all over the world…


CineAlpi is a non-profit association and it promotes cinema in all its declinations Founded by a group of cinema and theatre lovers, it organizes a Film Festival in the city of Domodossola to support this wonderful world that fascinates young and old…

Subscriptions to the first edition of CineAlpi Film Festival are now open


FilmFreeway is the portal to enter shortfilms, films, documentaries to CineAlpi FilmFestival. An international platform that gathers thousands of Festivals giving Directors, Authors and Productors the possibility to subscribe their works to contests.

Our goal

CineAlpiFilmFestival is an annual event, focused on italian and international cinema. We aim to create a Festival in which independent works of all cathegory from every country can get the recognition they deserve, a place where all filmmakers can come together, celebrating each other’s work…


CineAlpi FilmFestival awards works in the following cathegories, Best International Shortfilm, Best Italian Shortfilm, Best New Director, Best Director, Best Photography, Best Video Editing, Best Color Correction, Best Soundtrack, Best Male Actor, Best Female Actor…

Send us your work

Are you a director? A Productor? First timer? Send us your work, wether it’s a Shortfilm, a documentary or an animated film we will be happy to promote it and to show it to our Festival.

Our goal

our mission is an inclusive view for all who love making cinema: to share videos, ideas, dialogues, conversations, thanks to italian and international film productions (shortfilms, documentaries, animated films); we want to become a promoting hub for new authors encouraging the creation of cinematographic works that can inspire through sensibility and traditional and/or groundbreaking techniques.